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Top 5 Hot Home Trends For 2021!

March 18, 2021 | Homeowners

Home trends.  Everyone’s favourite feel good subject!

We’ve rounded up our Top 5 Hot Home Trends for 2021 (because looking in the rearview mirror gives us scary vibes).  Let’s look forward to a new year full of fresh and feel good trends for the home.

The Top 5 Hot Home Trends for 2021 are all about just that!  Warmth and practicality mixed with design quality living that’s sure to have us yearning for our homes as more than just shelter.

{ Please get ready to add some new additions to your vocabulary with this list! }


So after all the things that went down in 2020 – 2021 wants us to feel safe and secure again.  Cottage core is all about bringing on the old favourites in comfortable cozy environments that feel like a warm summer breeze.

Go on and idealize that simple rural life.

Think your favourite old school British soap opera, lots of gingham, vintage prints, pretty plates and gilded gold cutlery.  Like grandma’s cottage, but not, but kinda.  Little florals, wooden elements, quiet times.. don’t you just feel better already?!


Monochromatic vibes are all the rage right now with how to guides a plenty popping up on this Monochromatic Top 5 Home Trend 2021.  Think Beige, upon cream, upon eggshell. The key ingredient here will be all the neutral colours and what will make it dynamic is – texture.  Adding texture to a room full of like colours will be the differentiating factor.

A little bit of leather, some softness in a throw, plus warm blonde wood underfoot equals a very chill form of living that we’re loving right now and into 2021.


Surprise surprise top trend for 2021!  Everyone was sent to work from home and now dining rooms are cluttered with laptops and paperwork in replace of plates and forks.

Reclaim your domaine in 2021!

If space is on your side, the time is perfect to create your very own work space out of a spare bedroom, nook or even space under the stairs.  And go on, get personal.  This space is yours to spend time in and be productive as best as can be.

Think outside the box and head to your favourite furniture decor retailer to pick up work from home supplies; rather than a basic home supply store!  There’s no reason your work space can’t be as beautiful as your living space now that they have to co-exist.  Some of our favourite finds can be shopped here and here!


A very clever play on words which combines Japanese simplistic, minimalistic designs that are aesthetically pleasing but rooted in function and that of Scandi (or Scandinavian) a warm and homey functionality based decorating style.  It’s a modern hybrid!  The shared aesthetics of the two come together to create a style that is both easygoing and sophisticated in 2021.

To really play with this look, focus on natural materials such as unfinished woods that bring in the feeling of nature and simplistic beauty . To get the best of both worlds, draw on the coziness of Scandi design with warm textures and soft pieces.  Combine together with a Japanese ethos for a zen like aesthetic.

Read more about Japandi as our Top 5 Home Trend 2021 in this recent Dwell article.


This one is a lot like it’s trendy cousin Cottage Core BUT with a way cleaner feel.  It’s all about warm tones, country prints and beautiful embroidery layered into clean, sleek lines for a modern country kind of vibe.  To get the look you need to mix and match natural textures, but keep the furnishings modern and clean to ensure you get it right! Think muted colours with folksy and characterful prints paired with sleek leather or smooth velvety textures.

We repeat though – DO NOT forget to include modern aesthetics and streamed lines to ensure you grasp the contemporary element of this style.  Taking it too far the other direction could result in a home that better belongs well outside of the city.

And those our friends are the Top 5 Home Trends for 2021 we’ve rounded up as the hottest of the year! 

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