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A few years ago, her dad thought she should get into real estate and so…she did! What started as a way to help buy and flip houses with family transitioned into a solid love of neighbourhoods, design and everything home related. (You know those memes with the straight arrow that have a second super curvy arrow illustrating the crazy path taken? Yep, hers looked something like that.) With real estate in her back pocket, she went forward on a career path that started with homes, fast forwarded through fashion, skipped through stationary and finally lost her breath in luxury cosmetics. (So much for being quick)

The only consistency? Real Estate. Tried and true, foundational, beautiful real estate. Family homes, luxury real estate, investment rentals, pre construction condos, New homes. You name it. She’s done it. But she found that it was full of un-interesting, out-dated and not so nice things that made it all feel so transactional. And that’s how she got here.

Abode was built on the idea that YOU are more than just a transaction. You deserve an elevated experience from start to finish.

And so here we are sharing lifestyle and creating experiences. Seeking to educate, guide and collaborate; while curating real estate stories that are completely tailored to you! She’s all about delivering edutainment and clever content, cultivated through a love of homes and passion for thoughtful connection with our clients.

Relationships over transactions, always.