LSQ Condos is a New Master Planned Condo development by Almadev located at Victoria Park Ave & Sheppard Ave E, Toronto
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LSQ Condos

Sheppard East

Project Description

Welcome to LSQ condos, the newest center of possibility on Sheppard East in North York.

LSQ condos is Almadev’s vision for everything a community should be. Centrally located, bringing together residents, families, business owners, people who work in the neighbourhood and anyone passing through, in one space that accommodates everyone’s needs.

LSQ Condos: Masterplan Living

LSQ is poised to become the future community hub and destination for the area. The multiphase master plan is already underway, and is set to include amazing spots for everything you need including new residential units. In addition, the plan has new commercial buildings along with existing office space, exciting retail opportunities for dining and shopping, and over 1.2 acres of community green space. This contemporary community will provide residents with plenty of places to live, work, play, connect, and enjoy the very best of life.

LSQ condos is a destination master-planned community coming to Sheppard East in North York offering residential, office and retail surrounded by 1.2 acres of green space. It’s 1.7 million square feet of more possibilities to live, work, dine and enhance your world. It’s everything you need…and more. Always more.

Centrally located, bringing together residents, families, business owners, people who work in the neighbourhood and anyone passing through, in one space that accommodates everyone’s needs. It’s going to be an anchor in the Sheppard East community.


LSQ Condos: Notables

  • Reimagining of 400,000 sqft Lansing Square Office Complex into Mixed-Use Community 
  • Located at Victoria Park Ave & Sheppard Ave E 
  • Minutes to Highway 401 and 404
  • Minutes to Don Mills Subway Station
  • A Place Where People of all Ages Can Live, Work, and Play 
  • Modern Lifestyles Meet an Inspiring Future 
  • Featuring a Multi-Tower Designed Community 
  • Magnificent Architecture 
  • Lavish Interiors 
  • Luxurious Amenities 
  • A New Daycare Facility and Office Space Will Add to the Community Vitality

more growth + anticipation

LSQ Condos: Employment Hub

The evolution and future of LSQ condos is set to unfold within the projected goals of the Consumers Next City Growth Mandate. This designated 100-hectare area is planned to become a major business and employment hub with substantial residential density growth. LSQ sits squarely in this area and is among the first/latest residences in this contemporary business park. Consumers Road Business Park is currently home to 20,000 jobs – one of the largest employment areas outside of downtown Toronto – and through the evolution of ConsumersNext, an additional 13,500 jobs are anticipated to be created.

more access + less borders

LSQ Condos: Transit & Commuting

The existing community is already connected to the major transit lines, like Don Mills subway station and Highway 401, 404, and DVP. In addition, LSQ is anticipated to connect with the proposed Sheppard East LRT. Pursue incredible employee opportunities without needing to worry about getting to work. LSQ is also focused on creating a well-connected and walkable community. With the existing infrastructure to support sustained growth and the new accessibility opportunities, there is no place quite like LSQ.

LSQ Condos: Location

Picture your life without borders with LSQ’s central location. LSQ condos offers that city feel while having more space, more parks, more accessibility than you can imagine. It’s the best of both worlds.

A new master-planned community consisting of 4 condo towers and 5 blocks of townhomes will replace the current Lansing Square business park located at the corner of Sheppard Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue.  This redevelopment will bring new residential homes, employment opportunities, infrastructure, and green space to the community. 

Abode Realty is the premier sales team representing LSQ Condos at Lansing Square with first hand access to all units.  Register today to secure your unit with confidence.

* Please Note: The best and most desirable units will be in high demand. Preparation is key! Contact us today to discuss your interest ahead of the Platinum VIP launch. *



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